Iowa State Journal of Research 49.4

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Gale, W.F. Bottom Fauna of a segment of pool 19, Mississippi River, near Fort Madison, Iowa, 1967-1968. 353

Prestemon, D.R., W.J. Goudy, and R.G. Pounds. Assessing attitudes of lower-income, small-town families toward basic housing alternatives. 373

Engel, T.M., and E.S. Takle. Computation of solar altitude and azimuth. 377

Weller, M.W. Studies of cattail in relation to management for marsh wildlife. 383

Knight, H.H., and J.C. Schaffner. Additional species of Lodidea Uhler from Mexico and Guatemala (Hemiptera, Miridae). 413

Muchinsky, P.M. Attitudes of petroleum company executives and college students toward various aspects of the current "energy crisis". 423

Symposium on Interdisciplinary Research to Develop Integrated Plant Pest Management Systems.

Browing, A.J. Introductory remarks. 431

Mahlstede, J.P. Introductory remarks. 432

Lewis, L.C. Natural regulation of crop pests in their indigenous ecosystems and in Iowa agroecosystems: bioregulation of economic insect pests. 435

Hanson, A.A. Toward ecological stability in the management of plant pests. 447

Pedigo, L.P. Insect threats and challenges to Iowa agroecosystems. 457

Stern, V.M. The bioeconomics of pest control. 467

Thompson, H. Association between plant pests and cultural practices in field crop management. 473

Norton, D.C. Association between plant pests and cultural practices in field crop management: soil-borne diseases. 477

Frey, K.J. Note. 499

Fehr, W.R. Using host resistance to manage pathogen populations. 501

Duvick, D.N. Using host plant resistance to manage pathogen populations: a corn breeder's commentary. 501

Owens, J.C. An explanation of terms used in insect resistance to plants. 513

Guthrie, W.D. Entomological problems involved in developing host-plant resistance programs. 519

Russell, W.A. Breeding and genetics in the control of insect pests. 527

Dicke, F.F. The role of insects in some diseases of maize. 553

Dahm, P.A. Selective insecticides: retrospect and prospect. 559

Epstein, A.H. The role of fungicides in pest management. 565

Huffaker, C. The place and promise of biological management of crop pests. 569

Tachibana, H. The place and promise of biological management of pests in annual cropping systems. 583

Beegle, C.C. Biological control in annual cropping systems. 591

DeMichele, D.W. An evaluation of modeling, systems analysis, and operations research in defining agricultural research needs and priorities. 597

Headley, J.C. The economics of pest management decisions by individual growers. 623

Mahlstede, J.P. Concepts, organization, and funding of interdisciplinary research. 629