Development of performance improvement commitments for secondary school principals

Mueller, Donald
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This study was designed to develop secondary school principal Performance Improvement Commitments (PICs), or suggested strategies for principal improvement for use in school districts which desire to develop thorough principal evaluation systems;When a school district principal evaluation system includes the purpose of principal performance improvement, and carries the intent to provide systematic feedback on the evaluated performance, the principal's supervisor or evaluator is placed in the role of counselor, with the expectation to offer suggested strategies for improvement for the areas identified through the evaluation process;The model PICs, developed through this study, are offered as suggested principal activities or behaviors and procedures addressing suggested specific criteria for principal evaluation. The model PICs are directed toward application within ten research-based areas of principal responsibilities (principal leadership skills and school management activities). Eighty percent of the suggested model PICs are research-based (studies including principals directing creative programs, behaviors and activities of secondary school principals linked to school effectiveness). Twenty percent of the model PICs were researcher developed;The findings of this study resulted in the compilation of an Initial Bank of seventy-two suggested model PICs established through PIC quality testing and analysis by three practicing superintendents who evaluated secondary school principals. The PICs bank includes PICs which were judged to be helpful strategies for improvement of a principal with identified criteria weakness revealed through evaluation procedures. The Initial PICs Bank represents a 96 percent selection rate from the original set of PICs submitted for quality testing;School district utilization of the PICs approach for secondary principal evaluation will best be served by mutual agreement of principal and supervisor, which carries the intent for improvement of principal performance through a continuum of leadership effort and striving for school improvement, through the principal's next evaluation cycle.

School management and organization, Professional studies in education, Education (Educational administration)