Development of Dy-free sintered NdFeB magnet through grain boundary engineering by diffusion of PrCu alloys

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Tang, Wei
Wang, Jing
Dasari, Harika
Kramer, Matthew J.
Cui, Jun
Anderson, Iver
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Ouyang, Gaoyuan
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Dy-free sintered magnets were fabricated by blending Neo powder with different amount of PrCu powder. With increasing PrCu from 0-10 wt.%, Hcj of the magnets gradually increases from the original 14.5 kOe to 18.6 kOe. The highest (BH)max achieved was 35.0 MGOe with 7.5 wt.% PrCu. It was found that PrCu was mainly distributed at grain boundary and triple junctions, leading to a reduced coupling among grains, thus an enhanced Hcj. The grain boundary engineering by the diffusion of PrCu alloy is an effective method to improve Hcj of Dy-free magnets.
This is a manuscript of a conference proceeding published as Tang, Wei, Gaoyuan Ouyang, Jing Wang, Harika Dasari, Matthew J. Kramer, Jun Cui, and Iver E. Anderson. "Development of Dy-free sintered NdFeB magnet through grain boundary engineering by diffusion of PrCu alloys." Intermag 2023. Sendai, Japan, May 15-19, 2023. Copyright 2023 IEEE. Posted with permission.
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