Neural implants: A meta analysis on the efficacy and the possibilities of brain-computer interfaces Jyothi, Yadav
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dc.description.abstract Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) hold promise for the restoration of sensory and motor function as well the treatment of psychological and neurological disorders. There has been a spike in overall research conducted over BCIs in the past decade. This has partly to do with the increased portability of electrode and electroencephalogram technology alongside improved and enhanced human-computer interaction research. An in-depth analysis of the most recent and most impactful studies will provide a well-rounded overview and understanding of the success, possibilities, and limitations of brain-machine interfaces as they become a reality in the medical world to those in need and potentially to the general public as BCIs advance in production and scaling.
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dc.rights.holder Yadav Jyothi
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dc.subject.keywords EEG
dc.subject.keywords Neural Implant
dc.subject.keywords Brain
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dc.title Neural implants: A meta analysis on the efficacy and the possibilities of brain-computer interfaces
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