System of Field Operations for Double-Cropped Paddy Rice Production Mechanization in South China

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Xu, Lijun
Yang, Minli
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Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Double-cropped paddy rice production in south China plays an important role in China’s food security. This production system represents 42.5 percent of the total available paddy rice area resulting in 40 percent of China’s total rice production. The field operation system in double-cropped paddy rice production area is complicated, and various technologies must be used in each field operation. For soil preparation, no-till approaches as well as plows or discs are used. For plant establishment, direct sowing and transplanting are used. Rice harvest can be accomplished using combine harvesting; mechanical reaping followed by manual collection and threshing The choice of the most suitable technology in each field operation and the overall system of field operations affects the development of paddy rice production mechanization. With the pressing need to mechanize The authors are solely responsible for the content of this technical presentation. The technical presentation does not necessarily reflect the official position of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), and its printing and distribution does not constitute an endorsement of views which may be expressed. Technical presentations are not subject to the formal peer review process by ASABE editorial committees; therefore, they are not to be presented as refereed publications. Citation of this work should state that it is from an ASABE meeting paper. EXAMPLE: Author's Last Name, Initials. 2011. Title of Presentation. ASABE Paper No. 11----. St. Joseph, Mich.: ASABE. For information about securing permission to reprint or reproduce a technical presentation, please contact ASABE at or 269-932-7004 (2950 Niles Road, St. Joseph, MI 49085-9659 USA). Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest paddy rice production, it is necessary to analyze various systems of field operations that could be used in this production system. A survey of farmers, including both those who do and do not own machinery, and managers of custom agricultural machinery cooperatives was completed using questionnaires and telephone surveys in six provinces and regions in China. The survey included questions about basic participant demographics; development environment and status of paddy rice production mechanization; different mechanization technologies, cost of labor and machinery utilization; and factors affecting machinery utilization cost. Subsequently, the mechanization options for each field operation were analyzed based on machinery availability, operation scale and organizational pattern. In addition, the economic benefit of different systems of field operations was compared. In total, there were 14 possible machinery systems. Among these systems, those that have the high economical benefit use plowing as the tillage operation, blanket-type seedling or seedling cultivation in the field, followed by transplanting, chemical application, and combine harvesting.

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