Exploratory synthesis of extended covalent pnictide frameworks

dc.contributor.advisor Kovnir, Kirill
dc.contributor.advisor Vela, Javier
dc.contributor.advisor Miller, Gordon
dc.contributor.advisor Pecharsky, Vitalij
dc.contributor.advisor Zaikina, Julia
dc.contributor.author Yox, Philip Andrew
dc.contributor.department Chemistry en_US
dc.date.accessioned 2023-01-10T20:06:17Z
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dc.date.issued 2022-12
dc.date.updated 2023-01-10T20:06:18Z
dc.description.abstract Pnictogens (phosphorus and arsenic in particular) are very flexible with respect to their bonding capabilities, forming binary compounds with a majority of the periodic table, and exhibiting a variety of bonding coordination. Consequently, pnictogen-based materials exhibit the full scale of structural dimensionalities from molecular clusters (0D) to isolated chains (1D), layers (2D), and finally, extended 3 dimensional (3D) networks. The variety of structural dimensionalities and physical properties these compounds exhibit encourage the pursuit of new compounds via exploratory synthesis. Utilizing advanced synthetic methods such as flux synthesis to obtain crystal for structural analysis and in-situ powder X-ray diffraction to optimize the synthetic parameters, has unveiled several novel pnictide materials with extended covalent networks. Subsequently, the properties of these materials have been studied both theoretically and experimentally.
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dc.subject.disciplines Chemistry en_US
dc.subject.keywords Clathrates en_US
dc.subject.keywords Extended structures en_US
dc.subject.keywords inorganic synthesis en_US
dc.subject.keywords Pnictogens en_US
dc.subject.keywords thermoelectric materials en_US
dc.title Exploratory synthesis of extended covalent pnictide frameworks
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