Determination of Iowa educators' attitudes and perceptions and the impact resulting from a Fulbright study abroad project to Russia on global education

Wolf, Linda
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This study was designed to determine the impact of an intensive five-week Fulbright group project upon the attitudes and perceptions of Iowa educators toward their host country, Russia. Further it has examined the impact of such an experience on global education perspectives. Comparisons were made with attitudes and perceptions of applicant and nonapplicant groups. Members of two other previous Fulbright group projects were questioned concerning the impact of their experiences on their teaching and professional development;The study utilized a variety of data gathering measures both empirical and naturalistic: questionnaire, interview, focus group interview discussion, open-ended questioning, and participant observer notes. Findings failed to show significant differences in attitudes and perceptions of participants and nonparticipants. There was some evidence of the out-of-country experience influencing the participants' views. The focus group interviews and open-ended questions answered by previous participants in Fulbright group experiences show evidence of an impact on global perspectives over time. Participants reported a greater appreciation for their home country as well as the host country and other cultures. There is evidence of impact on teaching within four months following the experience and over time as reported by the earlier participants.

Professional studies in education, Education (Higher education), Higher education