The Role of Drones in Solving Social Justice Issues: How Technological Innovation Can Benefit the World in Crisis Moakri, Mahsa
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dc.description.abstract Recently drone technology has attracted a lot of attention and has been involved in our daily life. The reason of this popularity among people is the wide variety of offered services by drones such as usual demands or justice issues demands. Examples of usual demands are pickup and delivery items, delivery of healthcare, helping firefighters, resolving security issues, and photography. Examples of justice issues are serving refugees, providing medical relief for people in camp, delivering food or clothes for people in camp. The advantages of using drones in the mentioned services are as following. 1) It can speed up the existing services done by other machines because drones are flying in sky and there is no obstacle there which make the process faster. 2) It can save costs and decrease the cost of services that are currently done using more expensive machines like motorcycles or cars. Despite a wide range of drone usage, still there is not a platform to unite and offer all drone services for clients, which can be considered as an existing gap. So, in this project I decided to design and develop an application to provide all the drones’ services in one platform and use its capabilities to serve clients’ usual demands and also help to solve human society’s justice issues.
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dc.title The Role of Drones in Solving Social Justice Issues: How Technological Innovation Can Benefit the World in Crisis
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