College students' attitudes toward gender roles and acquaintance rape

Kuiper, Sandra
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Because acquaintance rape is an increasing concern on college and university campuses today, it is important that research be done to determine what factors contribute to its incidence and tolerance. Such research could also contribute to determining ways to deal with this problem. The purposes of conducting this study were: (a) to investigate the relationship between individuals who possess traditional attitudes toward the role of women in society and the belief that acquaintance rape is justifiable when women engage in nontraditional behaviors, and (b) to determine if a difference exists between those who possess traditional attitudes and those who possess nontraditional attitudes toward the role of women in society with regard to the justifiability of acquaintance rape. This study will contribute to the existing body of knowledge concerning acquaintance rape, and will seek to explain why the prevalence of acquaintance rape is so high on college campuses. It will address various societal factors that contribute to this problem, and investigate whether traditional or nontraditional values have an effect on people's attitudes toward the justifiability of acquaintance rape.

Professional studies in education, Education (Higher education), Higher education, Acquaintance rape, Gender roles, College students