Communicating Candidate Image on Instagram Halverson, Erin
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dc.description.abstract Instagram is an essential campaign communication tool due to the significant amount of reach that can be generated on the platform. Through shares, comments, likes, and messaging, campaigns can reach untapped audiences. This includes new and first time voters. Instagram can be used to increase reach and promote brand awareness, and also to share a strategically crafted candidate image. In a moments’ notice, candidates can post photos from an event, go behind the scenes at the office, or engage with voters on the platform. The instantaneous and visual nature of Instagram makes the platform an inexpensive, efficient, and effective tool for campaign communication. The best practices in this guide are intended to assist in content creation for and maintenance of candidate Instagram accounts. These recommendations are based on industry best practices and are written for Instagram, but can be broadly adapted for use on other visually focused media platforms.
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dc.title Communicating Candidate Image on Instagram
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