Syncretism: a study of Toshodai-ji Wayo architectural and cultural elements

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dc.description.abstract <p>When cultures come in contact with another an exchange of social constructs occurs. Very often this results in a syncretism or a blending of ideas which results in the development of new innovative ideas and materials. Wayo cultural traditions of Nara Japan are an example of this type of occurrence. With the transmission of Buddhism from China to Japan in 509 C.E. via Korea cultural, religious, political, as well as architectural advances in technologies occurred. Toshodai-ji successfully demonstrates the Buddhist ideology and methods of T'ang architectural design that was transferred to Japan from China. Wayo features are found particularly on the Kondo, or Imagery Hall of the great Toshodai-ji temple. The architectural design at Toshodai-ji serves to confirm and demonstrates the application of these concepts. The temple exemplifies a cooperative effort between a variation of philosophies, religions and countries.</p>
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dc.title Syncretism: a study of Toshodai-ji Wayo architectural and cultural elements
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