The implementation and evaluation of a sequential, structured approach for teaching LogoWriter to classroom teachers

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Walsh, Thomas
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Ann Thompson
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Curriculum and Instruction

The goal of this exploratory study was to implement and evaluate a Logo inservice model which focused on effective principles of staff development and emphasized Logo problem solving using teacher-mediated intervention strategies. The model was designed to facilitate teacher use of Logo in their classrooms;Subjects for this study included 19 elementary teachers and media specialists from the Ames Community Schools. Subjects completed The Stages of Concern Questionnaire (SoCQ), the LogoWriter Basic Comprehension Test, END-OF-DAY inventories, and the Inservice Evaluation LogoWriter Workshop Instrument. Additional outcome measures included projects shared during a final inservice sharing session, and questions, worksheets, and tape recordings from a follow-up discussion session;Results measuring change in teacher stages of concern indicated all participants, except one, made significant shifts to higher stages focusing on using Logo with students. Seven participants were identified as showing potential nonuse tendencies in implementing Logo into their classrooms. Support for Logo implementation was found for structured instructional teaching balanced with opportunities for discovery-based learning;Results from teacher self report of mastery of LogoWriter knowledge and skills indicated that subjects reported mastery of 20 out of 27 objectives. In addition, results from the LogoWriter Basic Comprehension Test validated these self reports. A t-test pairs procedure on the LogoWriter test indicated that there was a significant difference between the pre- and posttest group means (p <.001). Auxiliary findings included results in teacher perceptions of Logo and gender differences;Evaluation of the Logo inservice provided positive support for the Logo inservice approach providing organization and structure and opportunity for individual exploration. Subjects also responded favorably to the inservice sharing session of Logo projects and teaching strategies, and the follow-up sharing session discussing implementation, curriculum integration, classroom management, and Logo procedural concerns. The study found that a structured Logo inservice appears to be a positive step in promoting future use of Logo in the classroom.

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