Swine Disease Reporting: Report #7

dc.contributor.author Trevisan, Giovani
dc.contributor.author Linhares, Daniel
dc.contributor.author Linhares, Leticia
dc.contributor.author Crim, Bret
dc.contributor.author Dubey, Poonam
dc.contributor.author Schwartz, Kent
dc.contributor.author Burrough, Eric
dc.contributor.author Main, Rodger
dc.contributor.author Thurn, Mary
dc.contributor.author Lages, Paulo
dc.contributor.author Vanderwaal, Kimberly
dc.contributor.author Perez, Andres
dc.contributor.author Torrison, Jerry
dc.contributor.author Henningson, Jamie
dc.contributor.author Herrman, Eric
dc.contributor.author Hanzlicek, Gregg
dc.contributor.author Raghavan, Ram
dc.contributor.author Marthaler, Douglas
dc.contributor.author Greseth, Jon
dc.contributor.author Clement, Travis
dc.contributor.author Hennings, Jane
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dc.date.issued 2018-09-04
dc.description.abstract <p>SHIC-funded, veterinary diagnostic laboratories (VDLs) collaborative project, with goal to aggregate swine diagnostic data from participating reporting VDLs, and report in an intuitive format (web dashboards), describing dynamics of disease detection by pathogen or disease syndrome over time, specimen, age group, and geographical space. For this report, data is from the Iowa State University VDL and South Dakota State University ADRDL. Specifically, for PRRSV PCR results, there was a contribution from the University of Minnesota VDL and Kansas State University VDL. For all “2018 predictive graphs”, the expected value was calculated using a statistical model that takes into account the results from 3 previous years. The intent of the model is not to compare the recent data (2018) to individual weeks of previous years. The intent is to estimate expected levels of percent positive cases based on patterns observed in the past data, and define if observed percentage positive values are above or below the expected based on historic trends.</p>
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dc.title Swine Disease Reporting: Report #7
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