Factors Impacting University-Level Language Teachers' Technology Use and Integration

Karabulut, Aliye
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Despite the documented affordances of technology to enhance language teaching and learning, technology use does not seem to be normalized just yet. This dissertation investigates the factors that impact university-level language teachers' technology use and integration. Adopting the ecological perspective as a guiding framework, this study particularly examines teacher-level factors, ecosystem-level factors, and teacher-ecosystem interaction and how this interaction impacts overall technology use in language teaching. A single case-study methodology with three embedded units of analysis was employed to answer the research questions. Data sources included semi-structured interviews, classroom observations, field observations, and course management system records. Eight language teachers, three administrators, and three technical and pedagogical support personnel personnel participated in the study. The results indicated that teacher-level factors included teachers' beliefs about the role of technology , daily technology use , technical skills , training in technology , and professional/research interest s. The ecosystem-level factors consisted of access to technology , funding opportunities , administrative support , and professional development . Finally, the factors that impacted university-level language teachers' technology use and integration grown out of teachers' interaction with the ecosystem entailed student characteristics , peer interaction , technical and pedagogical support personnel , and inter-departmental collaboration . The results of this study showed that the ecological perspective could provide a holistic lens to examine language teachers' decisions and practices of technology use and integration. This dissertation has practical implications for language programs and language teacher preparation programs, as well as theoretical implications for the use of ecological perspective in understanding language teachers' technology use or non-use.

CALL, language teaching and technology, technology integration, technology use