ABE/TSM 363 Dynamometer

Schulte, Michael
Plach, Kyle
Koziel, Jacek
Van Sloun, Christian
Wood, Dylan
Anderson, Michael
Koziel, Jacek
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Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

The current dynamometer, a machine that measures electric motor outputs, used in ABE/TSM 363 lab has been used for many years and should be improved in several key areas, including safety, appearance, and function capabilities. The goal of this project is to develop a manufacture-ready electric motor dynamometer based on a prototype system. This system will be replicated and utilized in ABE/TSM 363 lecture and lab for demonstrations and student testing.

o The ABE Dynamometer project is led by Timothy Shepherd, an Associate Teaching Professor at Iowa State University. He will directly be using the final product to aid in his teaching.

o The current dynamometer could be improved upon in several major aspects:

▪ The dynamometer needs to be updated so that it is safer than the current one being used in the lab. The current model does not fully shield users from getting tangled up in the rotating shaft. ▪ The functionality of the current dynamometer is limited to manual measurements through voltmeters, tachometers, and amp clamps. This does not allow easily measuring power factor. ▪ The dynamometer currently being used lacks precision in output readings due to the analog measurement constraints. ▪ The dynamometer currently being used leaks oil, making it harder to see the machine and requires clean up.

o The new dynamometer should be designed so that it is safer and updated to give the capability of either digital or manual readings to measure power factor, voltage, current, and motor speed. This will give future students and faculty the opportunity to better learn and teach the fundamental electrical power theory and applications.

o This design has the potential to be utilized in similar labs to teach students about the fundamental electrical power theory and applications.