The myth of gravity

Plum Guclu, Emily
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The Myth of Gravity by Emily Lupita Plum Guclu is a collection of poems exploring collective and private mythology through the re-telling of both public and individual stories. The poems move beyond the personal by linking to the natural, social, cultural, and spiritual environment surrounding the characters in the poems. These strong and vivid characters tell of a journey of attachment and distance, of love and release, of travel and homecoming. The voices of the poems range from a small child in Iowa to the Goddesses Athena and Laksmi to Chinese mythological figures to a visitor to the Atomic Bomb Peace Museum in Hiroshima to a woman and her mother on a bus in Mexico.;"Her Mexico Blurs" is a central poem in the collection and winner of the 2008 Gold Medal for Poetry from the Faulkner-Wisdom Creative Writing Competition, The Faulkner Society, New Orleans. Competition judge Nicole Cooley writes, "I admire this poem for its weaving of many threads of imagery and registers of language, and for its vivid details. The poem links the personal and the political in fascinating ways. I also find the poem's evocation of speech/language/tongue very compelling: the poet does a wonderful job of exploring questions about the relationship between speech and location in this poem. Finally, the poem raises important questions about immigration and what it means to be a citizen."

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