Altmetrics are for everyone!

Molls, Emma
O'Donnell, Megan
Thompson, Kelly
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Track your research impact beyond citations! Librarians of any expertise level will learn how to get started with alternative research metrics -- or altmetrics -- at their institution. Join us to hear about how libraries of any size, with any budget, can help their faculty, researchers, and graduate students to assess their research impact in new ways. In the fall of 2014, we hosted our first institution-wide altmetrics workshops. Join us to hear about how we prepared, marketed, and facilitated a productive and enthusiastically received hands-on session which led to new campus partnerships with the library. We’ll share our research guide, insight into providing instruction on emerging topics, and factors which contributed to the success of this workshop. We’ll also share ways that this workshop can easily be adapted as in-house staff development. You’ll learn how easy it is to give a high-level overview of this topic with individually implementable learning outcomes. Learn how to gather information about any kind of online research outcome using information about page views, social bookmarking, tweets, downloads, slidedeck and video views, website hits, data set downloads, and more! Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to structure and plan for an altmetrics workshop at their institution, along with a host of resources to get started on developing workshop content. Understand why altmetrics are for everyone! Demonstrate to your campus community that the library continues to be a resource for all aspects of the research lifecycle.

altmetrics, research impact, ORCID, library instruction, academic libraries, research libraries