A study of host factors that regulate Ty5 transposition in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Chin, Yvette
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Work on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae retrotransposon Ty1 identified several genes that play a role in regulating transposition. To identify general regulators of retrotransposition, seventeen genes implicated in the Ty1 study were analyzed for their effects on Ty5. Among these were genes involved in DNA repair (e.g. MRE11 and XRS2) and transcription (e.g. the SGS1 helicase). Only two genes were found to affect both elements: one of them is RAD52, a gene required for homologous recombination, which when deleted causes a 25-fold increase in Ty1 transposition and a [Difference symbol]5-fold decrease in transposition of Ty5. We predict the decrease in Ty5 transposition is due to lowered levels of Ty5 cDNA that can engage in homologous recombination. A second gene that affects both elements is the map kinase FUS3, which increases transposition 39-fold and 2.6-fold for Ty1 and TY5, respectively. This indicates that both Ty1 and Ty5 are regulated by the signal transduction pathway associated with mating. To further identify factors that regulate Ty5, we studied two yeast strains, W303 and BY4742, which differ by 8-fold in their levels of TY5 transposition. Three conclusions were reached through the analysis of these strains: 1) high transposition is dominant; 2) multiple genes contribute to the transposition difference, and one of these genes is closely linked to ADE2 on chromosome 15; 3) the difference between strains is due to post-transcriptional regulation that affects cDNA synthesis and/or stability.

Zoology and genetics, Genetics