Creating an interface to VR Juggler for the applications user

Cook, Michael
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Virtual reality (VR), particularly in the successful wake of video games, is leaving research laboratories to become a tool of its own. The use of VR will continue to grow, and as it does, there will be the demand for standards and established mechanisms to simplify its use. One of the most important components of effective VR systems is the software that controls the applications. As VR becomes more popular, its success will depend on how easily the software is to install, upgrade, and apply to a user's particular need. VR Juggler is currently one of the most used VR software toolkits by research and industrial groups. With a growing number of VR Juggler sites around the world, it is critical to enable the use of VR Juggler applications without the need to know the development behind them. Additionally, since VR Juggler continues evolving, these application users need a tool to help them manage the different versions and configurations. This thesis focuses on the design of a tool that automates the setup of VR Juggler to run its applications. The initial design and implementation of this tool, the VR Juggler player, is presented, followed by a discussion of successive design refinements based on user input. The final VR Juggler player design provides functionality and portability across different computer platforms.

Electrical and computer engineering, Computer engineering