Techno-economic and uncertainty analysis of fast pyrolysis and gasification for biofuel production

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dc.description.abstract <p>This thesis consists of uncertainty and techno-economic studies of two different biofuels production pathways (catalytic pyrolysis and gasification). The objective of this paper is to obtain a side-by-side techno-economic comparison of in situ and ex situ catalytic pyrolysis, and gasification state-of-technology and target scenarios that addresses both sensitivity and uncertainty analysis in the comparison of these four technologies.</p> <p>Two journal papers have been published in Bioresource Technology and Energy Technology as the result of this study: "Techno-economic and uncertainty analysis of in situ and ex situ fast pyrolysis for biofuel production" and "Understanding uncertainty of transportation fuel production via biomass gasification and mixed alcohol synthesis" .</p> <p>Uncertainty analysis shows that in situ catalytic pyrolysis is expected to have a similar minimum fuel-selling price (MFSP) with ex situ catalytic pyrolysis, $4.2 per gallon and $4.27 per gallon respectively. However, in situ catalytic pyrolysis tends to have greater techno-economic risk compared to the ex situ catalytic pyrolysis scenario. The state-of-technology gasification scenario, with a MFSP of $7.02 per gallon, is expected to have a significantly higher MFSP compared to the other three scenarios (in situ, ex situ and target gasification). The target gasification scenario yields a MFSP of $4.33 per gallon, which is similar to the catalytic pyrolysis scenarios. However, the economic risk associated with the target gasification scenario is significantly lower than the pyrolysis scenarios.</p>
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