Motivational factors in public school superintendency career choice and perseveration

Diebel, Lori
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The problem of this investigation was the shortage of people motivated to enter the superintendency and remain serving in Iowa public schools. The study sought to identify job characteristics that are perceived as contributing to the motivation to serve and remain as public school superintendents in Iowa, the extent to which they feel able to actualize the characteristics in their roles, and the relationship of results to Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory. It also considered differences among selected demographic variables;The study was grounded in a nonexperimental descriptive design using survey research methods. The population included 300 practicing Iowa public school superintendents who were members of School Administrators of Iowa (SAI). Conducted in the fall of 1999, this study utilized the SAI/ISU Iowa Superintendency Questionnaire to gather data;Based on a 96 percent response rate, data analysis revealed that 12 of the 15 job characteristics measured were important in motivating the respondents to seek the superintendency. Thirteen of the 18 characteristics were important for individuals to remain serving. Seven of the 18 characteristics were found to be "actualized" in their jobs. Two of the 18 were aligned with importance and extent actualized. Significant differences were found for at least one of the job characteristics for seeking the superintendency in the variables of age, degree, years of service, district size, work load, location, and career plans. For remaining a superintendent, differences were found based on age, degree, years of teaching, years of service as a superintendent outside of Iowa, district size, location, and career plans. The factor analysis yielded groupings consistent with Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory.

Educational leadership and policy studies, Education (Educational administration), Educational administration