Day treatment: development of a model program and determination of its effects on 13-21 year olds

Gehlsen, Thomas
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For decades there has been a need in communities to provide a collaborative series of services to the emotionally and behaviorally disordered adolescent. These services need to be provided in a lesser restrictive environment other than a residential setting but more restrictive that a mainstream educational setting. In this completed study, the purpose was to describe an ecological treatment program for Behavior Disorder/Severely Emotionally Disturbed adolescents. The question, "How did the development of this type of treatment program come about and how did the effects of the program make the coordinated efforts of various local agencies a state and national model?" was answered. The major outcomes were cost efficiency, youth being able to remain in the local community, and the effectiveness of a multi-disciplinary approach;The research questions and the subsidiary questions were suggested by a collaborative effort in attempting to develop a day treatment program bringing together a multi-disciplinary team to address the educational and family needs of the emotionally and behaviorally disordered adolescent from the ages of 13--21. This study focused on the collaborative efforts to establish a lesser restrictive environment, but at the same time to be restrictive enough to produce effective outcomes for the students;Heaviest reliance for evidence in the study was placed on two sources: relevant literature pertaining to the needs for this type of programming, and the local community in which this type of program was developed. The collaborative nature in which this research was conducted and the resulting development of a new model for serving BD/SED have led to the formation of a planning committee that is responsible for developing and implementing the new model based on this study.

Educational leadership and policy studies, Education (Higher education), Higher education