Factors Affecting Fashion Retail Employees’ Workplace Behavior and Their Relationship with Employer

dc.contributor.author Lee, Stacy Hyun Nam
dc.contributor.author Ha-Brookshire, Jung
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dc.description.abstract <p>Extensive studies have been conducted to investigate the relationship between CSR and firms’ performance, but there is still a lack of research examining how CSR can be enhanced by different stakeholders. Furthermore, the organizational behavior literature suggests that employees’ organizational citizenship behavior and counterproductive work behavior can be critical to organizational performance. Thus, this study aimed to investigate employees’ positive and negative workplace behaviors and the factors that enhance positive behavior that helps improve organizations’ sustainability performance. The findings suggest that fashion retail employees’ perceptions of a corporation’s ethical values may encourage them to engage in OCB while reducing their engagement in CWB. Since OCB and CWB directly impact their relationship with the organization, this study’s finding suggests that fashion retailers must foster ethical values and moral responsibility toward corporate sustainability within the organization, so that employees would be more likely to engage in positive rather than negative behavior. Further research is recommended to investigate the role of employees on the overall sustainability performance of the fashion retail industry.</p>
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dc.title Factors Affecting Fashion Retail Employees’ Workplace Behavior and Their Relationship with Employer
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