Different Impacts of Boot Height and Air Bottles on the Mobility of Tall and Short Firefighters

dc.contributor.author Park, Huiju
dc.contributor.author Kakar, Rumit
dc.contributor.author Pei, Jie
dc.contributor.author Lee, Hyunji
dc.contributor.author Tome, Joshua
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dc.date.issued 2018-01-01
dc.description.abstract <p>This study conducted biomechanical tests with 21 firefighters and found that there is a significant correlation between boot height and lower body mobility, and that using a fixed boot height mandated by NFPA 1971 standard decreased lower body ranges of motion during various firefighters' job-related tasks. Statistical analysis of large anthropometric data also shows a fixed boot height cannot accommodate a wide range of firefighters' leg length. These findings indicate that shorter firefighters are likely to have limited lower body mobility due to reduced clearance between the knee and top of the boot, and thus decreased space causing greater mechanical binding between multiple layers of turnout pants. This study also shows a greater negative impact of fixed length of SCBA cylinder on short firefighters on their upper body mobility, evidenced by limited range of motion in neck extension and lumbopelvic flexion while carrying firegear compared to without any firegear.</p>
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dc.title Different Impacts of Boot Height and Air Bottles on the Mobility of Tall and Short Firefighters
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