Iowa State College Journal of Science 5.4

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The presence of Mycelium and Oospores of Certain Downy Mildews in the Seeds of Their Hosts. I.E. Melhus pages 185-188

2-Methyl-3-Furoic Acid. Henry Gilman and Robert Burtner pages 189-192

The Reduction of Hydrofuramide to Tri-a-Furylamine. Henry Gilman and J.B. Dickey pages 193-194

Further Studies on the Insect Fauna of Iowa Prairies. George O. Henrickson pages 195-211

Constant Temperature and Humidity Apparatus for Use in the Experimental Study of Insects. T.A. Brindley and C.H. Richardson pages 211-222

A Preliminary Report on Intestinal Protozoa of White Grubs (Phyllophaga spp.-Coleoptera). Bernard Travis and E.R. Becker pages 223-236

Pulps Prepared from the Parenchymatous and Vascular Tissues of the Cornstalk. Florence E. Hooper pages 237-242

The Literature of Alkylated Carbohydrates. IV> Fructose Derivatives. Harold. W. Coles pages 243-250

Efect of Salts on Alkali Disinfection. O.E. Lowman with J.H. Buchanan and Max Levine pages 251-268

The Action of a Transverse Electrostatic Field Upon a Propane Flame. J.K. McNeely, O.A. Brown, and C.W. Crosno pages 269-284

A Study of Crosses Between Trebi and Three Smooth-Awned Varieties of Barley. Pedro A. David pages 285-316

Abstracts of Doctoral Theses I. The Electronic Interpretation of Reactions Applied to Halogen Organic Compounds. II. A Study of Antiknock Compounds. Nathaniel John Beaber pages 317-320

I. The Quinhydrone Electrode and Soil Reaction. IL The Gravimetric

Method for the Determination of Carbonates in Soil.III. Application of the Quinhydrone Electrode to Investigations

on Base Exchange in Soil. Emerson R. Collins pages 321-326

Insecticidal Action in the Nitrogen Heterocyclics. Lyman C. Craig pages 327-330

Problems Related to the Commercial Production of Levulose. Jack W. Eichinger pages 331-334

The Effect of Chromium on White Cast Iron. Clarence Dale Foulke pages 335-338

The Chemical Sterilization with Alkalies. James Roger Hall pages 339-342

Problems Related to the Commercial Production of Levulose. James H. McGlumphy pages 343-348

The Nutritive Value of Cereals and its Relation to Processing. Thomas B. Parks pages349-350

Insecticidal and Chemical Studies of Pvrethrum and Kerosene Extracts of Pyrethrum. Henry Howe Richardson pages 351-354

Reproduction and Lactation on Simplified Diet. Milton Dwight Taylor pages 355-357