Growth of PrCo2 single crystals with a Boron Nitride crucible Liu, Yong Lin, Qisheng Pathak, Arjun Paudyal, Durga Lograsso, Thomas
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dc.description.abstract <p>Single crystals of PrCo2 have been grown from flux starting from Pr0.44Co0.56 that was synthesized by arc melting of stoichiometric mixtures of the elements. The Pr0.44Co0.56 ingot was loaded in a Boron Nitride (BN) crucible and sealed inside a quartz tube under vacuum. The quartz ampoule was heated to 1203 K, and then slowly cooled down to 923 K at a rate of 2 K/h. The obtained crystals have octahedral shapes and are of cubic C15 Laves phase structure confirmed by room temperature powder and single-crystal X-ray diffraction measurements. Magnetic susceptibility data show the Curie temperature TC = 46.7 K. The experimental value of saturation magnetization Ms = 3.2 μB/f.u is consistent with our theoretical calculations.</p>
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dc.title Growth of PrCo2 single crystals with a Boron Nitride crucible
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