Removal of nitrates from water in bioreactors with corncob support and polyurethane foam da Silva, Thais Soupir, Michelle da Silva Batista, Jesiane S Stolle, Elaine M Barana, Ana Claudia
dc.contributor.department Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering 2023-11-03T18:50:44Z 2023-11-03T18:50:44Z 2023-08-22
dc.description.abstract The presence of nitrate in bodies of water can cause damage to the environment and, if consumed, to humans. Studies show that bioreactors filled with organic supports are efficient in removing nitrates from agricultural drainage waters, which are rich in nutrients. This work aimed to evaluate the removal of nitrates in a fixed bed bioreactor filled with two types of support medium: R1 (Reactor 1), with pieces of corn cob, and R2 (Reactor 2), with pieces of corn cob and Mini Biobobs®. The reactors were fed with agricultural drainage water enriched with 20 mg.L-1 of N-NO3 and operated with hydraulic detention times (HDT) of 96, 48, 24 and 16 hours. It was observed that, with the exception of the tests with TDH = 16 h, all the others presented effluent with a N-NO3 concentration below 10 mg.L-1, which meets the standards required by Brazilian legislation for the potability of water for human consumption. . Using the NMP technique, the presence of denitrifying bacteria was found in both reactors, proving the removal of nitrate by the heterotrophic denitrification process. It can be concluded that the reactors studied are efficient in removing nitrates from water.
dc.description.comments This article is published as Silva, T. da, Soupir, ML, da Silva Batista, JS., Stolle, EM., & Barana, AC (2023). Removal of nitrates from water in bioreactors with corncob support and polyurethane foam. Geama Magazine , 9 (2), 4–10. Retrieved from Posted with permission. <br>This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License .
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dc.subject.keywords denitrification, Biobob®, NMP, eutrophication
dc.title Removal of nitrates from water in bioreactors with corncob support and polyurethane foam
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