A laboratory and field investigation utilizing FRP as a chloride protection system

dc.contributor.author Kash, Elizabeth
dc.contributor.department Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
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dc.description.abstract <p>This thesis is a review of the initial stage of a five year study that evaluates the performances of five different fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) wrap systems for preventing chloride penetration into reinforced concrete. The experimental program was divided into two parts: field and laboratory. In the field, reinforced concrete columns at five different sites had a FRP barrier system installed. These five columns are being monitored for the next five years to determine if chlorides from deicing salts over the winter months have penetrated the wrap. In the laboratory, an AASHTO ponding test was initiated to evaluate the same five different FRP wrap systems. In addition to the FRP wrap systems, two protective top coats were installed on one large concrete slab. The slab was then subjected to 90 day ponding cycles with a three percent sodium chloride solution. The laboratory experiment will also continue for five years. To date, all five FRP wrap systems have been effective in keeping the chloride level below the corrosion threshold. With the exception of one product, a single layer of FRP wrap has effectively prevented chlorides from penetrating to the concrete.</p>
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dc.subject.keywords Civil, construction, and environmental engineering
dc.subject.keywords Civil engineering (Structural engineering)
dc.subject.keywords Structural engineering
dc.title A laboratory and field investigation utilizing FRP as a chloride protection system
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