Cultural differences and communication between Chinese and Western business people

dc.contributor.advisor Mulford, Charles L. Bao, Wan-Ning 2024-04-29T17:24:24Z 2024-04-29T17:24:24Z 1993
dc.description.abstract Since the normalization of Sino-US relationships in 1972, expanded economics have been contributing significantly to the well-being and interest of both China and the United States. In the economic reform process in China, the U.S. has been playing a leading role among Western countries in trade and investments. There is every indication that this trend will continue into the late 1990s and beyond. In addition, American culture is a dominant one among Western countries; therefore, understanding the United States will help Chinese understand other Western countries, too. The focus of this thesis will be on business people in China and the U.S. Theoretical frameworks for understanding cultures in different societies, and Chinese and American cultures will be analyzed. Comparisons and contrasts between the two cultures will be made. The impact of cultural differences on business communication will be elaborated. The goal will be to develop an understanding of cultural barriers to communication between Chinese and Western business people. Based on the review and analysis in this thesis, some other theoretical and· research focuses could be proposed for better understanding of cultural differences and their impact on cross-cultural business communication between Chinese and U.S. business people.
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dc.title Cultural differences and communication between Chinese and Western business people
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