Systematic studies of the square-hexagonal flux line lattice transition in Lu(Ni1-xCox)(2)B2C: The role of nonlocality

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Gammel, P. L.
Bishop, D. J.
Eskildsen, M. R.
Mortensen, K.
Andsersen, N. H.
Fisher, I. R.
Cheon, K. O.
Kogan, V. G.
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American Physical Society
Canfield, Paul
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We have studied, using small angle neutron scattering, the Bur line lattice square to hexagonal symmetry transition in single crystal Lu(Ni1-xCox)(2)B2C. Low Co concentrations (x < 0.1) which reduce the mean free path and increase the coherence length, also move the structural transition to higher fields than in the undoped system. These data, quantitatively understood within the framework of a theory that includes nonlocal corrections to the London model due to the Fermi surface anisotropy, can be modeled using a simple ratio of the nonlocality range to the intervortex spacing.
This article is published as Gammel, P. L., D. J. Bishop, M. R. Eskildsen, K. Mortensen, N. H. Andsersen, I. R. Fisher, K. O. Cheon, P. C. Canfield, and V. G. Kogan. "Systematic studies of the square-hexagonal flux line lattice transition in Lu (Ni 1− x Co x) 2 B 2 C: the role of nonlocality." Physical Review Letters 82, no. 20 (1999): 4082. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.82.4082. Copyright 1999 American Physical Society. Posted with permission.