A phylogenetic analysis of Ceratocystis and Chalara

dc.contributor.advisor Harrington, Thomas C.
dc.contributor.author Paulin, Amy Elizabeth
dc.date.accessioned 2024-04-15T15:29:45Z
dc.date.available 2024-04-15T15:29:45Z
dc.date.issued 2000
dc.description.abstract Ceratocystis sensu stricto is a genus of plant pathogenic pyrenomycetes with ascospores dispersed by insects. All Ceratocystis species have Chalara anamorphs and the genus Ceratocystis has been placed within the Microascales. We conclude in the second chapter, using sequences from the small subunit and the large subunit nuclear ribosomal DNA, that Ceratocystis sensu stricto can not be confidently placed within the Microascales or Phyllachorales. In the third chapter, using the same genes, we determine that the genus Chalara is polyphyletic with six Chalara species placed within Ceratocystis and another group of sixteen Chalara species placed near the Leotiales. In the fourth and final chapter, we conclude using sequences from the large subunit and the internal transcribed spacer region, that the four Chalara species placed within Ceratocystis sensu stricto constitute a monophyletic, asexual lineage within Ceratocystis. The genus Thielaviopsis Went is emended to include all Chalara associated with Ceratoeystis.
dc.identifier.uri https://dr.lib.iastate.edu/handle/20.500.12876/EzR2mDlz
dc.language.iso en
dc.title A phylogenetic analysis of Ceratocystis and Chalara
dc.type Thesis
dc.type.genre Thesis
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thesis.degree.department Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
thesis.degree.discipline Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
thesis.degree.level Masters
thesis.degree.name Master of Science
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