The Dose Makes The Poison

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Nutrient pollution is an ongoing problem in the Midwest, the repercussions of which stretch far and wide. However, the seriousness of this topic may have been explained so many times that it has begun to loose its affect on people. The goal of this project was to take this significant problem we face and present it in a way that re-emphasizes its significance. Sampling from previous works laid the foundation for the beginning of this creative component, giving me insight into the way water behaves with light and motion, how to tell a story, and how to incorporate data and science into the mix to create a compelling narrative. Through researching the effects of nutrient run-off on human health my hope was to bring this issue closer to home, rather than talk about the Dead Zone far away in the Gulf of Mexico. By giving examples of statistical information regarding drinking water contamination, images of clean drink water juxtaposed with toxic algae, and bringing in an expert on the issue of drinking water contamination, I was able to create a narrative that would hopefully re-capture the attention of the public. Further manipulating this story by projecting it into a tank of water, using a motor to disturb the water, pushed the boundaries of an otherwise simple video. By adding this physical element into the mix it brought the very issue being discussed, drinking water, and put in right on the front lines of the story and all of the issues surrounding it.

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