Applied Deep Code Search for Algorithm Implementation using Pseudocode Valluri, Sai Charishma
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dc.contributor.majorProfessor Le, Wei 2022-06-08T16:00:39Z 2022-06-08T16:00:39Z 2022 2022-05
dc.description.abstract Code retrieval tools and techniques play a key role in facilitating the software developers to retrieve code snippets from open-source projects given a natural language query. With natural language description as an input, the code search tool searches for the most relevant code snippets amongst the code. This creative component focuses on training the state-of-the-art code search tool, Deep Code Search, with the dataset of algorithms as a source code and studying the resultant code snippets when given the pseudo-code as an input query. We trained the Deep Code Search for three different programming language settings, Java, C, and a combination of Java and C. Our results show that Deep Code Search can identify the algorithm implementation in different languages for the given pseudo-code.
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dc.rights.holder Sai Charishma Valluri
dc.subject.keywords Code Search
dc.subject.keywords Algorithm Implementation using Pseudocode
dc.subject.keywords Algorithm Search on Codebase
dc.title Applied Deep Code Search for Algorithm Implementation using Pseudocode
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