Perspectives in HCI: A Course Integrating Diverse Viewpoints

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Slavina, Anna
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Gilbert, Stephen
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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
The Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering teaches the design, analysis, and improvement of the systems and processes in manufacturing, consulting, and service industries by application of the principles of engineering. The Department of General Engineering was formed in 1929. In 1956 its name changed to Department of Industrial Engineering. In 1989 its name changed to the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering.
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Virtual Reality Applications Center
At VRAC, our mission is clear: “To elevate the synergy between humans and complex interdisciplinary systems to unprecedented levels of performance”. Through our exceptional Human Computer Interaction (HCI) graduate program, we nurture the next generation of visionaries and leaders in the field, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between humans and technology. This empowers our students to create intuitive and transformative user experiences that bridge the gap between innovation and practical application.
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Most HCI researchers would likely agree that there have been three waves of HCI, and while not everyone agrees on the definitions of those waves [16], the definitions all cast the third wave as broadening the scope of HCI and expanding its areas of concern. In this paper we focus on the ways in which Iowa State University’s graduate program in human computer interaction has attempted to align with that third wave by creating course content to include perspectives of people with more diverse backgrounds and abilities as they incorporate technologies into their lives and ways of being in the world. In particular, we reflect on efforts to incorporate cross-cutting themes such as diversity and inclusion and accessibility into a curriculum and discuss how we have developed one HCI course focused on Perspectives in HCI. The goal of this paper is to suggest resources and approaches for other HCI instructors who might share similar goals of increasing a curricular focus on broader HCI perspectives.
This is the author's version of the following work: Slavina, Anna, and Stephen B. Gilbert. "Perspectives in HCI: a course integrating diverse viewpoints." In 3rd Annual Symposium on HCI Education EduCHI. 2021. It is posted here by permission of ACM for your personal use. Not for redistribution.