Teacher preservice experiences and classroom computer use of recent Iowa State University graduates

Topp, Neal
Major Professor
Ann Thompson
Committee Member
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Curriculum and Instruction

This study investigated teacher preservice experiences dealing with computer-related technologies and classroom computer use of recent graduates of Iowa State University. It had three main purposes. The first was to investigate computer use and attitudes toward computers of new teachers. The second purpose was to obtain recent college graduates' opinions on their teacher preservice preparation to use computer-related technologies. The third purpose was to investigate possible relationships between teacher preservice experiences and new teacher computer use;One-hundred thirty-five teachers responded to the survey, "Survey of K-12 Computer-Related Technology Use by Iowa State Graduates". Results indicated these teachers used computers in similar ways and with the same frequency as indicated by other recent teacher surveys. They were interested in using computer-related technology, but they actually used computers infrequently. They were much less proficient in using the newer, emerging technologies, such as video disks, hypermedia, and telecommunication, as compared to computer-based instruction and tool applications. Their general attitude toward computer-related technology was positive, and their attitude toward the importance of computers in education was very positive;A high percentage of respondents indicated their teacher preservice preparation for using computers in their classrooms was inadequate. Also, most indicated a computer-specific course was very important to teacher education, and many believed that computer-related technologies should be modeled by college instructors in all education courses;When using all responses, there was low correlation between preservice experiences and teacher computer use or teacher attitude toward computers. But, when using only the teachers' responses who had graduated between 1989 and 1991, there was a correlation between taking an introductory preservice computer-specific course and the following teacher variables: computer proficiency in using computers, interest in using computers, frequency of computer use, and computer use profile.