Effective One-Dimensional Coupling in the Highly Frustrated Square-Lattice Itinerant Magnet CaCo 2 − y As 2

dc.contributor.author Sapkota, Aashish
dc.contributor.author Goldman, Alan
dc.contributor.author Ueland, B.
dc.contributor.author Anand, V.
dc.contributor.author Sangeetha, N.
dc.contributor.author Abernathy, D.
dc.contributor.author Stone, M.
dc.contributor.author Niedziela, J.
dc.contributor.author Johnston, D.
dc.contributor.author Kreyssig, A.
dc.contributor.author Goldman, A.
dc.contributor.author McQueeney, R.
dc.contributor.department Ames Laboratory
dc.contributor.department Physics and Astronomy
dc.date 2018-02-18T23:46:13.000
dc.date.accessioned 2020-06-29T23:21:27Z
dc.date.available 2020-06-29T23:21:27Z
dc.date.embargo 2017-10-03
dc.date.issued 2017-10-02
dc.description.abstract <p>Inelastic neutron scattering measurements on the itinerant antiferromagnet CaCo2−yAs2 at a temperature of 8 K reveal two orthogonal planes of scattering perpendicular to the Co square lattice in reciprocal space, demonstrating the presence of effective one-dimensional spin interactions. These results are shown to arise from near-perfect bond frustration within the J1-J2 Heisenberg model on a square lattice with ferromagnetic J1 and hence indicate that the extensive previous experimental and theoretical study of the J1-J2 Heisenberg model on local-moment square spin lattices should be expanded to include itinerant spin systems.</p>
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dc.source.bitstream archive/lib.dr.iastate.edu/ameslab_manuscripts/22/2017_Sapkota_EffectiveOne.pdf|||Fri Jan 14 22:41:06 UTC 2022
dc.source.uri 10.1103/PhysRevLett.119.147201
dc.subject.disciplines Condensed Matter Physics
dc.subject.keywords frustrated magnetism
dc.subject.keywords magnetism
dc.subject.keywords superconductivity
dc.title Effective One-Dimensional Coupling in the Highly Frustrated Square-Lattice Itinerant Magnet CaCo 2 − y As 2
dc.type article
dc.type.genre article
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