Every Step of Rome

Carter, Lauren
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Through this project I created a publication that depicted my time in Rome during my semester abroad through photographs, imagery, typography and graphic elements.

In Rome, I collected research to create a publication that shows what I did through the semester. I collected information to create infographics and visual elements in a publication. Information includes things like how many steps I took to what I spent my time and money on. I then used this information to create a comprehensive report of what I did during the semester. I also collected historical information and interesting facts on the sites I visited and why they are of importance.

This publication allowed me to explore the aspects that make up a well-designed publication. When I returned from Italy, I designed the piece, looking at how photography and imagery interacted with typography on each page. I also took an in-depth look at how typography works in a publication format. I wanted to focus on how a publication is successful through the style of each page and how each single page combines to create a whole publication. I included infographic elements through this publication to document my time in Rome in a visually interesting way. Looking at how each infographic element interacts with the aspects around it allowed me to further my knowledge of infographics and typography. Once everything was designed, I printed and bound the publication so others may easily interact with it. I also prepared a poster about my research and book to share with others.