Open Source Test Bed and Test Case Development for Power System Research

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Krishnamurthy, Dheepak
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Leigh Tesfatsion
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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Replication and reproducability are the cornerstones of the scientific method. Readers of published works must be able to rerun simulations and replicate results, given the information provided in the publication. The results of a published study must also be reproducible using an independent implementation of a method. Open source tools and open source test systems are critical in creating environments where this is possible. This thesis contributes to open source test system and test bed development in the support of research and engineering for power system optimization, simulation and modeling. It does this in two major ways, described below.

This thesis develops an open-source 8-Zone Test System for teaching, training, and research purposes that is based on ISO New England structural attributes and data. The test system models an ISO-managed wholesale power market populated by a mix of generating companies and load-serving entities that operates through time over an 8-zone transmission grid. The modular extensible architecture of the test system permits a wide range of sensitivity studies to be conducted.

This thesis also further develops AMES with new features in the form of a release as AMES (V4.0). A core component of AMES has been modularized into a separate package called Power System Simulation Toolbox (PSST). PSST includes a power flow, Optimal Power Flow (OPF), wholesale market operation including a Security Constrained Unit Commitment (SCUC) and a Security Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED). The ease of rapid prototyping and tools provided by this toolkit make this an ideal candidate for power system analysis. Test cases employing these few features are demonstrated to show the value of these capabilities. Additionally, the new features of AMES (V4.0) are thoroughly tested and their performance was characterized.

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Sun Jan 01 00:00:00 UTC 2017