Laboratory testing of Ultra High Performance Concrete deck joints for use in accelerated bridge construction

Hartwell, Douglas
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Accelerated bridge construction is one rapid renewal technique being investigated to address the needs of the United States' aging infrastructure under the Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2). SHRP 2 Project R04 aimed to develop standards and codes for accelerated bridge construction through the construction of a demonstration bridge. Several design details were important the rapid renewal aspect of the demonstration bridge, but the Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) transverse full-depth deck joint over the pier was the focus of the laboratory testing due to its significance in the negative moment region tensile zone. Three suites of laboratory tests were conducted to evaluate the UHPC deck joints used in the demonstration bridge. Abrasion testing was completed to assess the abrasion resistance of the cast-in-place deck joints with respect to anticipated grinding operations, a constructability test was carried out to assess the placement procedure and feasibility of the longitudinal and transverse UHPC joint intersection detail, and strength and serviceability testing was completed to quantify the cracking moment and ultimate moment capacity of the transverse module-to-module connection detail over the bridge pier. Through this testing regiment, recommendations were developed for the demonstration bridge regarding construction and performance of the UHPC deck joints.

ABC, accelerated bridge construction, deck joint, UHPC, Ultra High Performance Concrete