GET – Get Together, Get Along.

Bilawal, Muhammad
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This qualitative study is based on a project which is designed on the framework of social design. The aim of this project is to counter the racist and stereotypical narratives about minoritized and marginalized communities that often find themselves at the receiving ends of negative propaganda, hateful rhetoric and discrimination.

The goal of the research is to determine if social design can play a part in making communities more inclusive, if design can facilitate in starting a conversation towards social issues revolving racism, stereotypes and discrimination

Graphic design and visual imagery are a form of persuasion; the aim is to use visual imagery to counter the negative rhetoric about the marginalized communities. Alongside photography, sound is added hence making the project more impactful and versatile. Ames, Iowa is used as the place for representation of individuals hailing from different communities as it hosts more than 36,000 students (Iowa State University Registrar’s Office, 2017) from various countries and communities. By using design with photography, audio stories and technology, the investigator explores various aspects of interdisciplinary art that would appeal to the audiences and facilitate in starting a conversation between marginalized and non-marginalized groups.

The study examined the possible outcomes of the project and tests one outcome to see if design can help facilitate towards making an impact in making society more inclusive. The study outcome through the prototype exhibition gave voice to individuals with stories that will educate as well as inspire and influence people.

Exhibition, Graphic design, Installation, Media, Photography, Social Design