Real-Time Indoor Movement Animation System In 3D Environment

Zhao, Weijia
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In the era of smart homes, activities of daily living (ADLs) gains more and more attentions, ADLs can be used to present an individual’s living status, gauge an individual’s level of functioning and estimate his/her health condition. With smart devices, our daily motions can be captured and mapped into digital data, these raw data can be analyzed so that activities can be recognized.

Although activities can be determined, they’re still represented as digital data, it would be boring, hard and time-consuming to read and understand such data. A system that could provide real-time monitoring and visualizing of an individual’s activities without privacy issue will be an urgent requirement for the non-technical, especially for nurses, doctors and family members, in order to observe people in need and in turn provide better nursing services.

For this project, I present a real-time animation system for human movements in an 3D indoor environment with simultaneous tracking of an individual. This system collects and recognizes activities only through a smart phone and animates these movement behaviors in a 3D environment. The indoor activities are recognized by processing the data combination of magnetic field, acceleration and Wi-Fi signals. With this system, people can easily see the daily movement information of an individual and where that individual is located at a specific time. The purpose of this system is to provide a cost-effective and convenient healthcare service for people in need.

ADLs Recognition, Indoor Localization, RSSI, Trilateration, SketchUp