Generating branding buzz on social media for a pop-up store: Focused on brand experience

Lim, Huiwon
Major Professor
Lisa Fontaine
Committee Member
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Graphic Design
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Graphic Design

The purpose of this study was to determine the role of graphic designers or brands in building a good brand experience in a pop-up store for generating branding buzz on social media. Brands are trying to build up good brand experience through their branding promotions in order to get to good brand identity and image for their customers. Brands are also using diverse social media as a platform for their brand communication with their customers. Recently, a pop-up store is used as an experiential store for creating the good brand experience and for getting positive buzz related to the brand. Thus, this study researched about existed or existing pop-up stores to realize how brand experience in a pop-up store works to generate branding buzz on social media. Moreover, this study focused on Instagram as a platform for branding communication due to the characteristic posting style - always post with images or videos - of it. As the methodology for evaluation of the pop-up stores, this study used existing retail methods such as 5Ps (Product, Product presentation, Property, Promotional Activity, and People) for brand identity design (graphic design) in a pop-up store, and PAD (Pleasure, Arousal, and Dominance) for emotional brand experience in a pop-up store. This study showed how brand identity, brand experience, and social buzz are related to each other. The result of this study suggests recommendations for generating branding buzz on Instagram what a pop-up store should have in it for the impressive brand experience through brand identity (graphic) design.