Effects of chromium picolinate and a moderate exercise program on body weight, body composition, muscle strength, and muscle girth

Dornsbach, Carla
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The effects of 8 weeks of daily chromium picolinate supplementation (200 [Mu]g) or placebo combined with progressive, lower body resistance exercise and cardiovascular exercise on healthy, young women (n=12) was examined in a double blind design. Subjects were divided into two groups of equal number. CR (n=6) ingested 200 [Mu]g of chromium picolinate in capsule form and PL (n=6) ingested an equal amount of sucrose in capsule form daily for eight weeks. Subjects performed the leg press, knee extension, and leg curl machines at 65%, 85%, and 95% of initial 1RM progressively for 8 weeks. Additionally, subjects exercised for 30 minutes at 65% and 70% peak heart rate achieved on a treadmill test twice per week for 8 weeks. Strength (p<0.001), peak oxygen consumption (p < 0.02), and peak heart rate (p < 0.003) increased with training independently of chromium supplementation. The sum of seven skinfolds increased in CR and decreased in PL due to the interaction of group with training intensity (p < 0.02). Thigh skinfold thickness increased in CR (p = 0.05). Sum of girths decreased (p < 0.003) independently of chromium picolinate supplementation. Chromium picolinate supplementation had no beneficial effects on body mass, muscle girths, nor sum of skinfolds. These findings suggest that 8 weeks of chromium picolinate supplementation (200 [Mu]g) combined with an 8-week progressive resistance training and cardiovascular exercise program has no beneficial effects on body composition, body mass, muscle girths, nor training adaptations in young, healthy females beyond that achieved with training alone.

Health and human performance, Exercise and sport science