As Built Survey of road side features for 3D GIS application

Panjettykumaradevan, Senthilkumar
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The objectives of this research is to develop and customize a traditional GIS, explore the options available for developing a 3D GIS and develop a web enabled 3D GIS. The research describes and compares the various data collection techniques that can be used to carry out As Built surveys for road and road side features. It also shows how to efficiently develop and customize a GIS. It shows the shortcomings of such a traditional GIS and the need to develop a more robust and powerful 3D GIS, which is not only 3D but also web enabled. This thesis contains six chapters. Chapter 1 discusses the research objectives. Chapter 2 discusses the various data collection techniques for carrying out As Built survey for Road Side features. Chapter 3 discusses the principles of a GIS and the various GIS software components available to carry out analyses. Chapter 4 describes the development of a customized GIS for As Built Surveys. Chapter 5 discusses the need to incorporate 3D features into the traditional GIS and it also looks at tools available to develop such a 3D GIS system. Chapter 6 draws conclusion on the work done and states recommendations to further improve the system.

Civil and construction engineering, Civil engineering (Geometronics), Geometronics