Global land carbon sink response to temperature and precipitation varies with ENSO phase

Fang, Yuanyuan
Michalak, Anna
Lu, Chaoqun
Schwalm, Christopher
Huntzinger, Deborah
Berry, Joseph
Ciais, Philippe
Piao, Shilong
Poulter, Benjamin
Fisher, Joshua
Cook, Robert
Hayes, Daniel
Huang, Maoyi
Ito, Akihiko
Jain, Atul
Lei, Huimin
Lu, Chaoqun
Mao, Jiafu
Parazoo, Nicholas
Peng, Shushi
Ricciuto, Daniel
Shi, Xiaoying
Tao, Bo
Tian, Hanqin
Wang, Weile
Wei, Yaxing
Yang, Jia
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Lu, Chaoqun
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Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology

Climate variability associated with the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and its consequent impacts on land carbon sink interannual variability have been used as a basis for investigating carbon cycle responses to climate variability more broadly, and to inform the sensitivity of the tropical carbon budget to climate change. Past studies have presented opposing views about whether temperature or precipitation is the primary factor driving the response of the land carbon sink to ENSO. Here, we show that the dominant driver varies with ENSO phase. Whereas tropical temperature explains sink dynamics following El Niño conditions (r TG,P = 0.59, p < 0.01), the post La Niña sink is driven largely by tropical precipitation (r PG,T = −0.46, p = 0.04). This finding points to an ENSO-phase-dependent interplay between water availability and temperature in controlling the carbon uptake response to climate variations in tropical ecosystems. We further find that none of a suite of ten contemporary terrestrial biosphere models captures these ENSO-phase-dependent responses, highlighting a key uncertainty in modeling climate impacts on the future of the global land carbon sink.


This article is published as Fang, Y., A. A. Michalak, C. Schwalm, D. Huntzinger, J. Berry, P. Ciais, S. Piao, B. Poulter, J. Fisher, R. Cook, D. Hayes, M. Huang, A. Ito, A. Jain, H. Lei, C. Lu, J. Mao, N. Parazoo, S. Peng, D. Ricciuto, X. Shi, B. Tao, H. Tian, W. Wang, Y. Wei, and J. Yang. 2017. Global land carbon sink response to temperature and precipitation varies with ENSO phase. Environmental Research Letters, 12(6), [064007]. DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/aa6e8e.