Fabrication and characterization of a peristaltic micropump for use in medical drug delivery systems

Ridgeway, Anthony
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Mechanical Engineering

A second-generation design micropump was fabricated and tested. The overall size of the micropump is 70 mm x 35 mm x 1 mm. The design of the micropump incorporates three chambers (12 mm in diameter, 180 [Mu]m deep) with 50 [Mu]m thick membranes, inlet and outlet valves, and flow channels (2 mm x 1 mm x 180 [Mu]m deep) connecting the pump chambers. The micropump is constructed from a silicon wafer, which contains the pump chambers, and a glass wafer used to seal the chambers. Selective anodic bonding was employed to allow for free movement of the membranes and inlet and outlet valves. The inlet and outlet valves are comprised of silicon mesas at the center of each pump chamber that make contact with and seal inlet and outlet ports in the glass wafer. The inlet and outlet valves operate on a normally closed basis. Piezoelectric actuator disks provided movement for the micropump membranes. The three pump chambers were actuated in a peristaltic motion with driving frequencies ranging from 0.5 to 4 Hz and actuation voltages ranging from 10 - 130 V. The design goal of 10 [Mu]L/min was met at driving frequencies of 2 and 4 Hz where the maximum flow rate was 10.1 and 11.4 [Mu]L/min for the 2 and 4 Hz actuation frequencies respectively at an actuation voltage of 130 V. The maximum pressure achieved by the pump was 35.8 mmH20 for the 2 and 4 Hz actuation frequencies at an actuation voltage of 130 V. Recommendations for further design modifications and the development of design methodology have been presented.