Design of a dinner theater and residential space for the renovation of the E.E. Warren Opera House in Greenfield, Iowa

Lee, Jungyoon
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"This thesis is the design of old opera house to explore the application of two frameworks, the historic preservation and experiential, to a practical interior design project. The spatial function and programming are proposed through literature review and observations. The selected site is located in Greenfield, Iowa. The research on the history of Greenfield and the E.E. Warren Opera House provided the background and analysis for the selected site for the proposed design. It also helped in recognizing the value and heritage of the city. The present study is developed in the interest of proposing possible design interventions that would revitalize the E.E. Warren Opera House physically and economically. As a part of that effort, the study focuses on a dinner theater in the theater space and accommodation design in the mezzanine floor. The focus was to design new programs in the space, which involved the possibility of operating various functions to fulfill the objective of an ""elasticity"" of space for multi functional usages for different occasions. The design process for the exterior, on the other hand, offered a different challenge. The building facade was created for the purpose of keeping original figures and redesign first floor part to reflect the rhythm of original structure and finishes. Sketches, computer generated drawings, and three-dimensional images assist in the ideation of the conceptual approach."

Art and design, Art and design (Interior design), Interior design