The results of a cattle feeding test

Kennedy, W.
Marshall, F.
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The problem of most vital importance to the cattle feeder of the middle west at the present day is, how to produce beef more economically. The marked advance in the value of farm lands and the strenuous competition of the range territory coupled with the high priced feeding-stuffs have materially changed conditions from what they were less than two decades ago. Can he afford to feed fifty-five or sixty cent corn to cattle and hope to realize a profit? Can he, by the addition of some by-product or condimental food, secure better returns from the corn fed? These have been during the past year and are at the present day, very perplexing problems to the feeder. He has heard it stated that some of the by-products of corn, flaxseed or cottonseed when fed with corn will give much better returns than corn alone. He has been informed by the “stock food man” that a little stock food fed in conjunction with corn will increase his returns from fifty to one hundred per cent., this being due to the fact that the stock food has the power of increasing the appetite of the animal also of stimulating the digestive organs to such an extent that a much larger proportion of the corn consumed by the animal is digested.