Evaluating the Effectiveness of Knee Pads in the Sport of Wrestling

dc.contributor.author Gushiken, Logan
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dc.description.abstract <p>There is very little research on the sport of wrestling, despite the high physical and mental demands. There is a high risk of injury with the sport, with the knee being the most common site of injury. This study compares the effectiveness of wearing a thick knee pad, a thin knee pad, and no knee pad during a wrestling penetration shot on knee impact forces. A penetration shot is a very common movement in the sport and one that is regularly practiced during a training session. The motion involves stepping forward with one leg, striking the knee of that leg to the ground, and following through with the trail leg into a standing position. This study was completed in the Biomechanics Lab and involved video tracking of markers on the right leg and a force platform to measure knee impact forces. A cushioned mat was placed over the force platform and participants were asked to perform a penetration shot with the knee striking over the force platform. Vertical and anterior/posterior ground reaction forces were recorded using Vicon Nexus 1.8.5 software. Maximum knee impact forces and rates of loading with the two knee pads and no knee pad will be compared.</p>
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dc.title Evaluating the Effectiveness of Knee Pads in the Sport of Wrestling
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