Tuning of layered materials: Studies of CrAuTe4, PdSn4 and WTe2

Jo, Na Hyun
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Layered materials are of great and growing interest for material scientists and condensed matter physicists, not only because of their possible applications but also because of the diverse and controllable ground states. In addition, tuning of layered materials through external fields, doping, or strain can lead to the emergence of novel phenomena. In this dissertation, the importance of the study of layered materials is emphasized in Chapter 1. Before getting into experimental results, the theoretical background and experimental methods, including growth of single crystals of selected layered materials, are introduced in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. Chapters 4, 5 and 6 are devoted to experimental results on selected layered materials. Chapter 4 presents the physical properties of CrAuTe4 at ambient pressure and the tuning of its properties using hydrostatic pressure. The physical properties of PdSn4 are shown in Chapter 5, and then the origin of extremely large magnetoresistance in this material is discussed in comparison/contrast to the physical properties of

PtSn4. Chapter 6 focuses on the tuning of the physical properties of WTe2 using temperature, magnetic field and uniaxial strain. In appendix A, I list all the growth attempts regarding Te and Se containing materials. In appendix B, I explain the growth of single crystal, EuCd2As2, using salt (NaCl/KCl) as a solution. In appendix C, I summarize other publications during my Ph.D. years.